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23 thoughts on “Interior Photos

  1. as beautiful as I remember it..all the pictures make it look like a big can so many awesome places fit in one tiny house!!!? answer: because it is loved and has many angles..!!@*
    warm and nurturing


    • how many square.feet.and.can u buy this. furnished.and setup like this.where i live in conway ar. i.will need three different cabins. cash deals.


  2. Hi Rebecca! When I first saw the interior photos on Tiny House Swoon, I thought this was a cob house! (Dream home #2) How did you achieve that look on the interior walls/ what material is that? So cozy. Funny, I think you ordered your trailer from Top Notch at the same time as me…both 22′ trailers, both of us named Rebecca! So happy to see yours complete. Mine has a few months to go. Yours is really quite stunning. xx


  3. Hi Rebecca! Your Tiny house is Wonderfull! We are French and we are going to build our tiny too,in France. We’r wondering how tall is it exactely. Thanks


  4. Your living/kitchen walls are very beautiful; they look like plaster. What did you use? I would love to use plaster in my THOW, but am afraid of it cracking when it’s moved.


  5. Hi Rebecca, I’m looking for your stove and it’s look great and …tiny ! Could you say me witch brand is it and where did you find it ? Thanks you and have a nice day ! Love


    • Hi Rebecca, you laid extra small beach rocks somewhere inside your tiny home, which I’ve seen a photo of on another site, I’m wondering, how were they laid and which kind of mortar did you use.
      btw, your home inspires…


      • Thanks for the comment. I laid beach rocks around the tub area and fireplace. I used an exterior mortar and a regular sanded grout with numerous layers of sealant. I am not at home currently but can send you the products soon.


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