A little bit about me

IMG_1332.jpgI am a forest walker, ocean paddler, veggie eater and headstand lover living in Pacific Northwest on Salt Spring Island.  I lead with an open heart and a clear mind. I am not always successful in this, but I do try my best. I like to jump into projects without too much thought or expectations. When I make mistakes, I hope to learn and grow from the experience and not run the other way.

This tiny house is an expression of creativity, freedom and exploration of lifestyle. Questioning the normal. This exciting process is ongoing, continuously shifting and evolving.  I thank my mom Marianne and my brother Andrew for their continuous support and believing in me. I am forever grateful to Rudy Hexter and all who were involved in building and sharing this magical project with me.

Shanti OM

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 3.16.25 PM


23 thoughts on “A little bit about me

  1. hi rebecca,
    your website looks great, good for you. so does the tiny home…what are your intentions with this project…it is not clear.
    also if it;s the same rudy i know his last name is Hexler, you may want to check on it so you have the credit correct. all the best, shanti, om
    dawna masters


  2. Fantastic looking abode Rebecca!
    My Wife and I have 3 weeks left before our tiny house is finished. It’s been done by a great company in Nanaimo who coincidencentaly have built another house on Salt Spring for a lady named Stormy. 😆


  3. Lovely. However, you might want to explain to your readers that the “Pacific North West” is an American term and Salt Spring Island is in Canada…just off the coast of Vancouver Island. From my windows I look across Satellite Channel to Salt Spring Island. Nice place!


  4. Great Idea!! We have a special needs daughter that needs to have a home like this so that she
    can live by herself close to her family. Do you have plans for your house & if so are they available to others. Have a great day & may God continue to Bless You. We live in the United States in a town called “Thomaston, Georgia”.


    • Top Notch Trailers in Washington. I highly recommend he compancy! I had it custom ordered because I can be a bit fussy. If I could have found one that I wanted in Canada.. I would have purchased it here. These guys made me one with:
      – wrap around deck
      – drop down axels
      – extra wide (8’6″)
      – weighted to 1400lbs?

      soooooo great!


  5. Hi! I stumbled upon an article on you and your home and was so mesmerized. I then realized that you are on Salt Spring!! I’ve been living here since April and every day I find another reason not to leave. So inspired by you and your beautiful home! 🙂


  6. Hi, so inspired by you. Where did you shop for the small items? Tub, curtain holder, stove, etc. Thanks, would appreciate a reply. 🙂


  7. Lots to like … from the lively edged kitchen counter,smart choice of material’s,totally dig the stone lay,the high speed mixer,little box shelf,the way the counter wraps around the corner,the wall plug with the tiny guide light,the ball jars and coffee maker’s,knotty pine or as I joke – ‘naughty-pine’ .. the materials that weave the wild side of the home with the inner, like this partition curtain pictured to the right of the ball shelf.. wight eh one of a kind like leafy print… it’s like a magic portal leading out to the snowy wild.. Your little guest~storage home rocks too .. the island I past once,while ferry passing up the channel… huge clouds imbedded in perfect blue … ‘Wild Forces’ for sure.


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