Building supplies and costs

coming soonish!


18 thoughts on “Building supplies and costs

  1. I am a tiny house fanatic, and I think yours is my very very favorite! Love the steel mini tub! Love the stone details! Love the transparent overhang! Love the mason jar sized shelving! Love the windows and lighting!


  2. is it legal ? if somebody rent a section from someone’s private estate?
    Because there must be some taxes debend on square-meter of consruction?


  3. Been 2 months since the first comment here, hope you’re still working on it, would love to see the expenses! You could turn this into a money making blog about tiny home building, use adsense and affiliate marketing to advertise, maybe write a book about the project. Good luck!


  4. Ok, wow, my favorite!!! Love all the live edge woods and economic space!!!! I could SO SEE living in this!!!!


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